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Greetings, dear visitor to our website!

This site  has been created to promulgate information about our book: the site in general is always a work in progress, so please keep looking back in for latest updates.

So pleased finally to see all the finished, printed books, especially following a serious production delay last Autumn – think the author got a bit jaded, even burned-out with it all. ‘Too much of a good thing’ probably applied to the whole endeavour: plus the fact that he’s not as much stamina or resilience as hitherto. STOP PRESS: KINDLE VERSION AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW ON AMAZON!!

  • Clickable at top of this page is the Introduction to the Book : also now clickable at top of page are detailed images of the book’s front cover and of the text (‘blurb, blurb…’) featured upon the back cover, which mentions kind endorsement of the book and its author from leading university academics, both from the U.K. and the U.S.A. Also recently added are links to demonstrate that this book is not just ‘about’ Nicholson himself, but the whole close-knit network of like-minded writers of the era, headed of course by the at first avant garde but later increasingly revered – almost regal or papal – figure of T.S. Eliot.

Visitors to this website can buy the paperback edition of my book (for hardback edition, please enquire) direct for the special price of £10.99. That price is fully-inclusive of postal delivery directly to your door (UK only).

All you need do is complete the Contact box above (NOT the ‘Leave a Reply’  one at the bottom of the page, unless you really want to ‘go public’ ). If you have a PayPal Account, payment can swiftly and securely and conveniently be arranged this way, if you so wish. Alternatively, most UK and international credit cards can be charged as payment: just ask in a message for this facility, and all can be quickly conveniently and securely arranged.

But, if you’d prefer to pay by cheque, just indicate your name and address in the contact box above, and we shall invoice you and despatch a copy to you upon receipt of your cheque.

On behalf of self (the author), personally, and of the Publishers, (Seascale Press Limited), very many thanks for visiting this site, and hope it was of interest to you.

In case of any direct queries, as opposed to commentary, please do it via the same Form, above.

Incidentally, after being buried for many years in the archives of a prominent New York online literary magazine, my 2008 article on Norman Nicholson is risen again therein, at



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